Course: Electricity

This course explores the Basic Electrical Installation in Residential and Commercial environments. Through PowerPoint slides and hands-on training, students will learn the importance of and have basic knowledge of Electricity and its respective applications in different environments such as single family homes which is considered Residential Installations, and the Introduction to the Commercial Installations that includes multi-dwelling facilities and churches.

This program challenges students with a variety of multiple technical labs to comprehend and understand in full motion the importance of basic Electricity and troubleshooting systems techniques over the course based on theory. This course includes a hands-on laboratory component on Electricity.

Course Outline

Module 1

Explain the history about the discovery of Electricity theory and fundamental (Thomas Edison), Nicola Tesla (A/C-RC-IN-3 P-Val-Neo Lamp-Remote Control), Georg Simon ohm (resistance, ohms law), Alessandro Volta (battery), Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit), Donald Macadie (Multimeter).

Module 2

Explain the importance of the basic understanding of OHMS law.

Module 3

Demonstrate the importance of electricity in our world.

Module 4

Evaluate the effects of Electricity in our society and the hazards that we are exposed to.

Module 5

Apply methods Energy generated from Fossil fuels, Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Solar Thermal Energy, Geothermal Energy, Nuclear Energy, Potential Energy from falling water in a Hydroelectric facility, Wind Energy, Solar Electricity from solar Photovoltaic cells, Chemical energy from fuel cells and batteries. Also, the modern Electricity as Thermal power, Wind power, Turbine power.

Module 6

Static Electricity, Electromagnetic induction, Electro chemistry, photovoltaic effect, thermoelectric effect, and Piezoelectric effect.

Module 7

Analyze Environmental Concerns.

Module 8

Analyze the impacts of energy consumption.

Module 9

Working with a team, create and present labs.

HVAC technician replacing filter on furnace.