Course: HVAC

Now is a great time to make a career change to become an HVAC technician. Come to Atlas Institute of Technology where we place an emphasis on hands-on training. Atlas Institute of Technology gives its students the skills and certifications needed to succeed in this field. Our solid training will prepare you for the practical skills required in the air conditioning, heating, vetilation, and heating workplace.

Course Outline

Module 1: Air Conditioning

This module will introduce students to the theory and operation of residential air conditioning. Electrical circuits will be explained in depth. Recovery, charging, vacuum pumps, superheat, and troubleshooting will be covered as well.

Module 2: Introduction to Heating

In this module, we will discuss all phases of heating as fueld by gas. We will take a deep look in forced air systems. Products include standing pilot, high efficiency furnaces, and condensing furnaces.

Module 3: Ventilation And Installation

In this module, we discuss ventilation as it pertains to the HVAC industry. Duct sizing and fabrication requirements will be covered. Installation procedures will also be covered such as: brazing, soldering, pipe threading and duct work installation. This module will also explain the tools needed and how to use them in great detail.

Module 4: Hydronics

This module will cover both hot water and steam heating systems. Controls, proper piping, sizing, and troubleshooting will be covered in depth.

Module 5: Electrical Controls

In this module, we will cover all phases of electricity as it applies to the HVAC industry. AC and DC circuits, schematic reading, electrical circuit tracing, relays, transformers, motors, thermostats, switches, gas valves, and troubleshooting for these parts will be discussed.

Module 6: Career Readiness

In this module, students are given the tools to be competitive in the HVAC industry. A career form will be filled out in order to access the student’s needs relating to job placement. At the end of this module, students will conduct an exit interview with the job developer to discuss the next step in the employment process and help outline a career strategy.

Continuing Education: Advanced Air Conditioning (Certifications, EPA Exam)

This module will prepare students for the EPA section 608 exam (refrigeration license) and the R-410A Safety Certification Exam. The instructor will review all material needed to receive their EPA Universal License and an R-410A Safety Certification License.

HVAC technician replacing filter on furnace.